Resilience Coaching

1:1 resilience coaching for business owners and individuals

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations in our personal and professional lives. It’s a toughness and strength that we all need in order to prevent the knock-backs, rejections, and stressful situations from getting the better of us.

Many of us face challenges that test our resilience on a daily basis, particularly when we don’t fit the mould when it comes to our race, gender or nationality. When you begin to doubt yourself, it can become very easy to give up on your goals, but sometimes all you need is a positive voice cheering you on.

In moments of self-doubt, having the outside perspective of a resilience coach can help you focus on your achievements and shut out any negative thoughts. With Delight’s help you can cultivate resilience and learn to navigate through difficult times, without letting them break you.

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Delight Mapasure - Entrepreneur, speaker and coach

Anything worth having is worth failing for.

— Delight Mapasure